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Common Website Mistakes: Part 1

Tina Hutzelman

We’ve audited many websites over the years. During that time, we’ve seen many companies make the same mistakes.

Today we'll look at five common ones we see: not having a mobile-friendly site, not keeping the site up to date, having walls of text, not having a contact form, and not displaying their credentials.

What You Need to Know About WordPress

Tim Summers

WordPress began as a humble website blogging tool but evolved into one of the most popular website development platforms and Content Management Systems (CMS) on the market.

The ability to create a website with little to no programming knowledge quickly made WordPress popular. This was especially true among amateur website enthusiasts and marketing agencies with little to no website development experience.

Bias Against Gun Culture and How 2A Friendly Marketing Helped

Tina Hutzelman

“Bias against gun culture exists, especially online,” said Hunter Elliott, owner of, The Internet Gun Review Magazine. Hunter experienced this personally, when a large, well-known hosting company refused to provide technical support due to its firearms-related content of his website. Hear in Hunter’s own words how our 2A Friendly Marketing initiative was able to help him.


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