Beware Of Suspicious Or Fraudulent Domain Name Related Invoices

Tim Summers

Have you ever received a bill for your domain name and wondered if it was real?

Businesses throughout the United States are receiving what looks like an invoice for domain name related services or renewals. But in reality, it is typically not an invoice at all. It’s often a sneakily crafted advertisement or authorization form!

Such notices can come through email but most frequently arrive via regular US Postal mail on official looking letterhead, complete with a tear-off section to include with payment. Upon closer inspection, the invoice (or should we say “advertising”) may be for:

  • listing your domain on their website or
  • domain name renewal or
  • approval to transfer your domain name into their ownership!

How can I tell if the bill is real?

  • Check if you have done business with the company in the past?
  • Does the fine print discuss transferring your domain name?
  • Is there a mention of “Marketing” on the document?
  • Does the “invoice” discuss any other service you are not familiar with?
  • Is the dollar amount on the bill excessive?
  • Have you asked your web master and I.T. person?

When in doubt, contact your webmaster and I.T. department before paying any website or domain related invoice.

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About Tim Summers

Tim Summers is a long-time nerd and the owner of Diversified Computer Solutions, Inc. Tim has built a reputation within the Dayton, Ohio area as an honest and reliable computer consultant who blends sound business principles with quality technical advice and service. Tim spends most of his waking hours in front of a computer and some of his sleeping hours as well. Currently, Tim splits his time between providing I.T. support services, building websites, and trying to train a high energy Dachshund mix named Gizmo.

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