Bias Against Gun Culture and How 2A Friendly Marketing Helped

Tina Hutzelman

Bias Against Gun Culture Exists

“Bias against gun culture exists, especially online,” said Hunter Elliott, owner of, The Internet Gun Review Magazine. Hunter experienced this personally, when a large, well-known hosting company refused to provide technical support due to its firearms-related content of his website.

Hunter had hosted with this company for years. Hunter was very upfront with the company from the start regarding his website content. When he asked if his firearms-related content would be an issue he was advised that it would not. So, Hunter was sorely surprised when he experienced an issue with his website, called support, and was told they could no longer provide him with support because of his firearms-related content. Due to this very 2A unfriendly decision, Hunter was concerned about the future of his website and if they would eventually kick him off their hosting servers altogether.

Hunter was referred to Diversified Marketing Solutions. Once we learned of his situation, we quickly and effectively migrated his website away from the hosting company and even built a more modern look & feel for his website during the move.


Hunter's Story

Hear in Hunter’s own words how our 2A Friendly Marketing initiative was able to help him.


Hunter Interviews Tim Summers, Diversified Marketing Solutions

Hunter then interviewed, Tim Summers, Owner of Diversified Marketing Solutions (2A Friendly Marketing), so that other firearms-related companies would know they have a 2A Friendly option.

You can read Hunter’s interview with Tim Summers here.



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