It Only Takes One Wrong Click To Infect Your Entire Office Network!

Tim Summers

Your Best Defense Against Hacking & Viruses is Knowing What to Look For!

Educate your staff how to recognize a phishing attempt (ie. fake email or fake website). It’s one of the best and cheapest methods to defend your office from hacking and virus infection. 

What is a Phishing Attack
Phishing attacks typically involve sending fake emails or directing users to fake websites that mimic legitimate websites to convince the user to click on an infected attachment or enter private information.

Basics of Detecting a Phishing Attack

Typically phishing emails or websites can be detected by noticing:

  1. Poor spelling or grammar.
  2. The sender’s email address does not match the sender’s name.
  3. Links within the email point to website addresses that don’t match the name or vendor on the email.
  4. The appearance of the website or email is different from legitimate emails or website.

However, criminals are becoming even more sophisticated in their ability to make realistic-looking emails or websites so you must educate your staff how to be suspicious of ALL emails, attachments and hyperlinks even when they know the sender.

Free Google Phishing Quiz
Jigsaw by Google has published a free online quiz designed to test your staff’s ability to identify fake emails. The quiz points out specific features to look for when evaluating whether an email is legitimate or fake.

Link to Free Google Phishing Quiz

So what should you do with the quiz results?
Diversified recommends the following.

  1. Require your staff to take this quiz.
  2. Keep a screenshot of each staff member’s test score in your records by date of the test.
  3. Make this test an annual recurring task for all staff.
  4. Require new hires to take the quiz as part of their onboarding process.



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